Future-proofing your network

Once the site is live it is crucial to keep the chargers well maintained. The network must remain on with minimal downtime and it must be future-proofed to meet growing demand, changes in technology and to ensure the continued use by and satisfaction of residents.

There are three different types of maintenance that needs to be carried out on the hardware. These include:

  1. Planned servicing – This generally happens annually on the anniversary of the initial install date.
  2. Reactive maintenance – Fixing an immediate physical fault with the charger or a callout based on feedback from end users that something may not be working as it should.
  3. Emergency maintenance – If there is a physical fault with the charger that can cause harm to others.

Installing retention sockets during the initial build means chargers can simply be replaced quickly and easily – either during regular maintenance or at the end of a 5 to 10-year charge point hardware lifespan. This video explains how to future proof your network.

Your CPO partner should be motivated to keep the network well maintained in order to maximise their revenues generate and a return on investment. They should also be willing to quickly upgrade charge points to meet any new requirements for information and physical connectivity which are introduced in the future.